Extensive personnel digital and corporate protection curriculum that includes cell phone security, computer security, and most commonly carried devices.  Most customers have found sending their personnel to Clearwater Beach for their training not only increased their overall end user security posture but also allowed personnel to conduct team bonding.  Customers that have included their families in the evening seminars gave rave reviews about the program.

  • DigitalCM offers corporate security training a quantum leap above our closest competitor.  Our unique approach is focused on the end user which typically presents the largest vulnerability to overall security if personnel are not trained properly.  We conduct training at our location, your location or anywhere the customer desires.
  • We have conducted end user threat awareness and Cyber Security training in Clearwater Beach, FL, throughout the United States and at corporate getaways.

Training Overview


Cell phones are one of the largest threats to both corporations and personnel.  This training program focuses on how to mitigate information loss through cell phone exposure.


Most Corporations attempt to protect company data through intrusion detection systems and security policies for devices.  Even with these policies in place, a corporation can be at risk.  DigitalCM focuses on educating the end user on how to protect your companies information by properly securing these devices in order to reduce the number of vulnerabilities.


At DigitalCM, we often customize our training to a customers requirements.  We will tailor your course based on the individual needs of your company and the desired amount of training time available.  Please contact us for more information.


This training involves working with Corporate personnel to improve their security posture.  DigitalCM will work with your management team in order to identify the weaknesses, determine the proper path and help execute the best practices for your company.

Specialized Training Solutions

Innovative and customized training curriculums.

DigitalCM offers corporate security training solutions a quantum leap above our closest competitor.