DigitalCM has the experience and the knowledge to assist our customers through the development and the final stages of product design.

Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual and Augmented Reality opens a world of possibilities. DigitalCM’s creative team offers our customers the most immersive learning experience available.

Companies of all sizes looking to gain a competitive business edge are beginning to see the benefits of using augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, and 360 video in their marketing strategies. It allows your audience to immerse themselves into that environment and gives them an experience they will never forget.

Modeling & Simulation

3d modeling and simulations consist of digitally reproducing objects, environments and characters using cutting edge hardware and software for educational and entertainment purposes.

DCM recreates true to life scenarios and experiences for the most comprehensive and cost effective method of training for commercial and government customers.

3D Mapping

Virtual Information Program for Emergency Responders (VIPER)

Our VIPER solutions are state-of-the-art and completely unique. We utilize 360 videos/photos for virtual tours and training and fully textured 3D models for planning and assessments for viewing with a head mounted display (HMD) or mobile device.

Software Development

We build innovative and specialized software solutions specifically designed to meet customer requirements and those widely used throughout the industry.

Our state-of-the-art tools and technologies are used to create custom solutions that can support an entire function or a standalone task. Throughout the design and development process, we refine the requirements and the solution until we reach a beta release phase. We’ll work together to test the solution, identify any problems and/or limitations, and produce the solution that will meet your needs.

Kit Preparation

DigitalCM offers all-inclusive custom kit solutions for various industry needs including; VR kits, camera kits, vehicle power kits and many more.

We tailor to our customers’ requirements to ensure customer satisfaction. DigitalCM's kits are TAA compliant.

eLearning Development

DCM developers create eLearning or distance learning so students can learn from any location.

Included with our eLearning products, is a Learning Management System (LMS) which is used to track completion and test grades for a various number of users.

Visualization Tools

Want an easy, simple and cost effective way of tracking your proposal war room requirements? Try our whiteboard Capture Planning Magnets.

Easily see all of your capture requirements/proposal status at a glance.

CBT Development

Computer-based training courses are deployed using computers or mobile devices rather than an in-person instructor.

CBT's are delivered over the web using a training platform such as a learning management system (LMS) and allows large or small groups of individuals to learn in a variety of time lengths and levels to raise retention levels.